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Wedged shaped Collector Bar & Flat Collector bar

Collector Bar ( Low Carbon Steel), C:- 0.06 % max, Si - 0.030 %max

11 micro ohm cm

C:- 0.04 % max, Si - 0.30 %max

185 MPA min

18 % min

<=9 micro ohm cm

Raw Materials & Consumables

20.00 Tonne



Uniseven being a solution provider in the Aluminium value chain business since last four decades & possess a rich experience in the industry by providing value added services & Jekay Group, one of the largest integrated manufacturer and exporter of Rail Track Fittings,Turnouts & Steel Structures (Heavy, Medium & Small sections) in India, have formed a JV for manufacturing Steel Products that go into Aluminium Industry catering to different application areas.

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