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Die Casting Cell (Year of make: 2004)



90,000 € (excl. 18% buyers premium)

● Consisting of die casting machine, Fabr Oleo Press, Type 1250/1000, year of mfg 2004, Ser.. 762

● Control system manufactured by Siemens Simatic

● Furnace, Mfg. Striko Westofen, type W1200SL ProDos, Bj, 2004, Ser 8612, spray robot

● Mfg. ABB, type IRB6650FS, spraying, Mfg. AED Automation, type Hydrobox, SN SO 106141 / RSDC-0201, 8 bar, hose package, spray head, removal robot

● Mfg. ABB, type IRB4400, Bj. 2004 dip tank

● Trimming Press, Mfg. Brescia, model TR50, Bj. 2004, Ser 602, control Mfg. ESA, type VT160W, conveyor

Machinery & Equipment

Die Casting Cell (Year of make: 2004)

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