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Y81-200 Metal Baler

Y81-200 Metal Baler

By: Henan Recycling Technology
Price Available on request
Category Equipment
Manufacturer Henan Recycling Technology
Min Order Quantity 1.00 Unit
Delivery Lead Time 60 Days
Place of Origin Henan, China
Supply Ability Customization on Requirement
Packaging Details Standard Export Packing
Transportation Details Road/Ship



The development speed of industrialization is getting faster and faster, and the demand for metals in various places is also increasing. However, due to the over-exploitation of metal resources and the unreasonable use and preservation of existing metals, the shortage of natural metal resources. This can't help but cause people's worries, and it also raises new issues for the rational recovery, use, and smelting of scrap metals. The hydraulic metal baler designed and manufactured by China Recycling Technology is committed to the recovery and reuse of scrap metal. It is proposed to rely on hydraulic pressure to pack the scrap metal into a block of considerable size to facilitate the recycling, transportation, and recycling of the scrap metal so that it can be put into production again. This improves the utilization rate of scrap metal and eases the demand for metal resources to a certain extent. Currently widely used balers are non-metallic balers used to compress and pack loose materials such as cotton, yarn, cloth, linen, wool and their products, and the other are suitable for metal recycling and processing industries and non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Metal baler in the smelting industry. The metal baler designed by China Recycling Technology belongs to the latter. It is a typical metal recycling machine. It is used to remove waste from the machinery industry, that is, the leftover material under a certain thickness, wire, chips and small thin-walled metal containers. , Packaging, small structures, scrap metal raw products and other metal materials are extruded into bundles with a certain specification and compactness, which are convenient for transportation and smelting. At present, the metal balers owned and used in China are divided into two categories: screw drive and hydraulic drive in addition to simple and substitute equipment, such as splint hammers and friction presses.

Product advantages:
1. Various models are hydraulically driven, and can be operated manually or automatically by PC.
2. The installation does not need the bottom angle screw, and the diesel engine can be used as power in the place without power supply.
3. The outgoing package has three forms: the flip bag, the push bag and the front out package.
4. Extrusion pressure is eight grades from 63 to 400 tons with a productivity of 0.5 T / h to 50t / h.

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