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Silicon Metal

Silicon Metal

By: Phoolchand Bhagatsingh
Price Available on request
Purity Si: 98.5 %min( 553/441/3303/2202)
Category Raw materials
Manufacturer NA ( Trader)
Min Order Quantity 1.00 MT
Delivery Lead Time As per Order
Place of Origin Mumbai, India
Supply Ability Customization on Requirement
Packaging Details Standard Export Packing




● Description:

Silicon in the form of a crystalline solid in blue-grey metallic color is rarely found naturally. It is rather can be found in planets, meteorites and dusts in silicon dioxide forms. Silicon is a second most abundant element that can be found in the Earth's crust, followed by oxygen. When in its elementary form, its crystal structure is similar to that of diamond. This utility element can form semi-conducting crystals for several applications. This semi-conductive metal is useful in manufacturing steel, microchips and solar cells. It contracts in its liquid state, while expands when solidifies. It forms crystal structure similar to diamond's when crystallized. The atomic structure of this metal makes it ideal to be used in electronics. Silicon readily bond with other elements, because of the four valence electrons.

● Applications:

As silicon is available in abundance and in several forms, its many applications is evident. Polycrystalline silicon is the latest application of silicon that is used in the form of wafer. It basically used in thin-film solar cells and PV system as semi-conductors. It also finds use as power transistor and semiconductor in generic field of electronics. It is a key constituent in products, like cement, electrical steel, ceramic, concrete and glass. Silicon is widely used for aluminium-silicon (AlSi) alloys for cast components used in the automotive industry. It can form ferro-silicon (FeSi) when added to molten cast iron. By consumption, aluminium industry leads, leaving behind chemical and solar industries. It is possible to use gallium-arsenide (GeAs) or germanium (Ge) besides silicon in semiconductors and infrared applications. It's metallic form called ferro silicon is widely used as a deoxidizing agent in the carbon and stainless steel production. Ferro silicon is highly demanded and used in steel smelting. Other than steel making, ferro silicon can be used to refine high purity magnesium, and produce ductile iron and magnesium ferro silicon. It can also make silicon steel and ferrous silicon alloys that are resistant to corrosion and heat. Metallurgical silicon is used as an alloying agent in aluminum casting and resultant aluminum-silicon (Al-Si) is used to make light in wight and strong car components that are better than components cast from pure aluminum. Chemical industry uses metallurgical silicon in making fumed silica, silanes and silicone. Polysilicon of photovoltaic grade is used in polysilicon solar cells production. Monocrystal silicon on the other hand is used as a semiconductor material in modern electronics. It is used along with other material to produce LEDs, integrated circuits and FETs. The largest producer of silicon metal is China. It is also produced in countries, like Thailand, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and Kazakhstan. France, Germany, Spain, Bosnia and Iceland are some of the European countries that produce silicon.

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