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Casthouse Engineering and Technology AG

Casthouse Engineering and Technology AG - Supplier of casthouse process know-how and equipment service provider

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Casthouse Engineering and Technology AG (hereafter CETAG) of Switzerland was established in 2016 as a supplier of casthouse process know-how and equipment servicing the worldwide aluminum industry. Our employees gained their in-depth knowledge over decades of being members of the aluminum industry community and offering their services to global customers to improve their processes and equipment. Our focus is not only on a single activity or piece of equipment but on the evaluation and improvement of complex cast house operations.CETAG’s core competencies are in the field of melting and casting aluminum.

Close cooperation with customers, experts and institutions allows us to continuously develop and improve innovative process technologies. CETAG offers the following services.

Casthouse Engineering and Consulting
CETAG provides studies, equipment evaluation reports and services to optimize existing production processes or plants. Examples of our services include preparing a feasibility study for a new cast house or identifying measures for optimizing operations (e.g., to increase energy efficiency of a melting furnace).

Dross Processing Technology
CETAG is a supplier of the well-established dross cooling technology. This allows for cooling of dross to temperatures < 100° C within 15 minutes. This quick and gentle process assures that a large portion of the “free” aluminum contained within the dross will be saved from oxidation and available for further recovery. Simultaneously the dross is reduced to a granulate, allowing for easy handling during further processing.CETAG offers more than dross cooling technology. Part of our evaluation process involves examining existing equipment and preparing recommendations on how production processes and equipment can be improved to minimize metal loss and the amount of dross created during the melting process.

Miscellaneous Equipment and Auxiliaries
CETAG is a supplier of tools, bins and other items to facilitate furnace operation.

General Mechanical Engineering
Cooperation between CETAG and its global partners allows us to provide services and know-how to other industries, such as FE calculations.

Casthouse Engineering and Technology AG (hereafter CETAG) of Switzerland is an expert adviser in aluminum casthouse technology, offering its services worldwide to the aluminum industry. Cooperating with an outstanding network of specialists, in combination with CETAG’s in-house knowledge, allows understanding, analysis and evaluation of our customers’ needs, resulting in state-of-the-art solutions.

Customer Satisfaction
The main objective of an aluminum cast house is manufacturing products of the highest standards in a safe and environmentally friendly way. This must be accomplished in the most cost-efficient way to allow for a sustainable production process. Capital investment, cost of labor, equipment operation, energy consumption, maintenance, and other factors must be closely evaluated, constantly monitored and improved wherever possible. CETAG, together with its customers, is proud to be part of this process, resulting in long-term relationships.

CETAG lives up to its responsibilities to offer innovative, technically sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to our customers and society in general on a daily basis. They have a working philosophy of cooperating in a fair and honest way with its partners to fulfill its responsibilities.

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