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Develop Scrapline

Develop Scrapline - Scrap metal recycling specialists

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For clients who are looking for scrap from a reputable source, Develop Scrapline is the premier supplier. With over four decades of combined experience, we provide a solution to digital scraps. We offer competitive prices, high-quality materials, and logistics while promising worker safety and environmental stewardship. We handle approximately 1.5 million tons of ferrous scrap, and 70 million pounds of non-ferrous scrap annually.

Develop Scrapline is one of the largest family owned and operated scrap metal recycling companies in the North West. With over 35 years of experience, Develop Scrapline are scrap metal recycling specialists and are proud to provide an extensive range of recycling solutions to help your business activities contribute to the sustainability of natural resources and the protection of our environment.

Our state of the art recycling centre ensures that we offer a comprehensive range of recycling and waste management services - from the recycling of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and cable to WEEE recycling, skip hire and scrap metal collection.Our commitment to the continuous development of our premises and people has ensured that we remain at the forefront of the metal recycling industry. Our enhanced and flexible infrastructure enables Develop Scrapline to offer metal recycling services on a national level - as complete business packages or as ad-hoc services tailored to suit your needs.

Our Values

  • Recycling
  • Environment
  • Our Service
  • Our People
  • Investment in the future

Our Digital Waste Products For Sale

We offer a comprehensive range of digital waste Products as seen below:
  • Computer CPU Processor Scrap
  • Scrap cut Tyres
  • Mobile phones Boards
  • Gold Plated CPU Pins
  • Scrap gold bar for Gold Recovery
  • Intel Pentium Pro Ceramic Computer Processor
  • Computer Memory RAM for Scrap
  • Computer Gold RAM Fingers
  • Silicon Rubber scrap
  • Aluminum UBC Scrap 6063
  • Millberry copper 99.9%
  • Copper wire scrap
  • HMS 1&2
  • Used rubber conveyor belt
  • Scrap fridge/AC compressor

Our prices are based on market demand, and because we have a large supply chain, processing, sales, and logistics team, we are able to obtain reliable information regarding value and market drive. This helps to ensure that you are always getting your money’s worth when you partner with us.

One of the reasons we are the preferred scrap metal provider in the industry is we are able to handle all aspects of transportation. This means we have the capabilities to transport any size commodity, both domestically and internationally. We maintain our own fleet of water vessels, trucks, and railcars to get scrap delivered on time.

Each material we sell from our facility meets the specifications and guidelines that are consistent with the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI). Our high-quality, recycled materials are exactly what you demand for your operation.

We have the capabilities and resources to customize our services to meet your business needs, whether you are operating in America, Europe, Asia or Australia. We work with a number of consistent suppliers of scrap metals, and have a comprehensive sourcing and processing program in place. Our long-standing relationships, combined with many years of experience and talented team members, allow us to provide you with the exact services demand.

We live in a throw-away society which is dominated by consumerism, and we are producing a tremendous amount of waste, and a high portion still goes to landfill in many countries. Our ultimate vision is a waste-free world, where 100% of the waste we produce is recycled - a truly circular industry! For this to happen new technologies needs to be invented, it must be easy to find the right trading partners who can treat the material, and that’s where we come in with our waste marketplace. And probably most important of all is that we need to change our mindset about consumption.Develop Scrapline is a digital waste marketplace where you can buy or sell your residual or secondary raw material, through a bidding process. Giving a second life to waste, by-products or excess material helps generate environmental, economic and social impact.

We are a team of Waste Management experts, industry specialists and digital innovators who have worked more than 2 decades within our areas. The idea for the waste trading platform came from our own frustrations with calling forth and back when selling waste resources, which was also very time consuming and not knowing if we got the best price. On Develop Scrapline the whole calling session can be substituted by posting a single listing and bids will be placed without any more time investment. To make sure the right market price is reached we use dynamic bidding. We aim to be part of a positive change for the waste industry towards circular economy, to give a second life to waste and create more transparency and competition.

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