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DI Bari Vincenzo

DI Bari Vincenzo - Exporters of Metal Scrap for over 8 years

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DI Bari Vincenzo is a privately held and family-operated business. We are one of Italy's largest recycler. Through our partnerships and agreements with local and municipal governments, and public service authorities, we provide recycling services for both local and international markets for various use.

We are major exporters of plastic and metal scrap materials so whether you are buying or selling we are always at your service . We continue to revolutionize the industry through our use of single-stream recycling which allows customers and residents to throw plastic and metals in one recycling container. No sorting is needed. When recycling is easier, overall participation rates are higher. DI Bari Vincenzo has a long storied history with recycling and an exciting future as a leader in the recycling industry.

DI Bari Vincenzo has a long storied history with recycling and an exciting future as a leader in the recycling industry. We have an unwavering passion for recycling and for finding solutions for turning waste into a resource. We continually seek innovative recycling programs that educate our customers and help protect the environment. As one of the largest recycler in Italy, we believe that the most important value is to do the right thing for our environment and our community as we provide Responsible Waste Solutions

Social Responsibility
Honesty, integrity, compliance, care for the environment and serving the community are cornerstones of our social responsibility. we takes great pride in being a privately owned and operated company. We strive to support our local communities, practice environmental stewardship and fulfill our responsibilities to the communities we serve.

Our Core Values
At DI Bari Vincenzo, our core values are how we operate. They drive us to excel in the things we do and accomplish.

Our Vision
At DI Bari Vincenzo, we aspire to be more than just a recycling company. Our mid-term and long-term goals include a future that combines hard work, dedication and a commitment of excellence from every employee. We have been in business for over 8 years and it is through our vision statement that we will work to invest in the communities we serve for many more years to come.

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