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El-Watch - Supplier and Service Provider of Wireless IoT Sensors, Neuron Sensors

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El-Watch is a Norwegian tech company that offers a wireless, online and user-friendly sensor system (IoT). Their expertise and unique solutions enable the aluminium industry worldwide to adopt robust technology that optimizes operations, reduces costs, extends machines' and equipment's lifespans and ensures sustainable use of resources.

As industries globally embrace the digital revolution, the challenges presented by the aluminium industry are in dire need of innovative, efficient, and reliable solutions. In essence, with its flexibility and adaptability, wireless monitoring takes care of the aluminium industry’s core challenges in extreme environments such as heat, dust and magnetic fields, ushering in a new era of enhanced production and safety.

Their solutions will provide:

Enhanced productivity: Real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance powered by sensor solutions ensure that equipment runs optimally, reducing downtime and increasing output.

Improved quality control: With the ability to monitor processes in real-time, companies can ensure that the quality of aluminium meets the highest standards.

Sustainability: Digital solutions, combined with sensor technology, allow for better resource management, leading to reduced waste and a smaller carbon footprint.

Safety: Replacing manual measurements with fixed sensors and online data collection removes operators from hazardous areas.

The benefits of IoT sensor technology in industrial applications
Sensor technology has recently seen a meteoric rise, especially in industrial applications. These tiny devices, often part of a larger IoT ecosystem, can monitor temperature, pressure, humidity, and many other parameters. In the context of the aluminium industry, sensor solutions are proving invaluable.


Streamline operations:With everything connected, processes can be automated and optimized for maximum efficiency.

Engage predictive maintenance: Instead of waiting for machinery to break down, IoT helps us predict when maintenance is needed, reducing downtime.

Detect anomalies:Early detection of issues in machinery or processes can prevent costly breakdowns and production halts.

Optimize energy consumption:Sensors can monitor energy usage, allowing companies to optimize processes and reduce costs.

Enhance safety:In an industry where high temperatures and heavy machinery are the norm and manual measurements prevail, sensors are a much safer alternative. Wireless monitoring of conditions can alert operators to potential hazards without personnel getting close to molten metal and toxic fumes.

Enable Innovation:For innovation to take place, it’s essential to first assess the current situation and truly understand the core of the problem. With an abundance of data available, companies are well-positioned to innovate, discovering novel methods of producing aluminium or exploring new uses for the metal.

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