Lithium Ore

Buying Lead

By: ECJ Mining And Environmental Services Ltd

Interested to buy 5000 MT monthly Lithium Ore & trial quantity is 500MT

Posted On: 30.07.2021

By: Kruger Gmbh

Looking for suitable buyers of Aluminium extrusion scrap 6063.
I am available at +237 673 99 63 50 also

Posted On: 29.07.2021

Zinc Scrap

Buying Lead

By: PK Metal Works

Interested to buy 50-60 MT monthly Zinc Scrap

Posted On: 29.07.2021

By: McCafferty Metals LLC

Interested to buy Aluminum extrusion 6063 . Minimum Order Quantity -25MT.

Posted On: 29.07.2021

By: Delos Engineering Pvt. Ltd

Interested to buy Aluminium Radiator Scrap of 300-400MT/ month.

Posted On: 28.07.2021

Aluminium Turnings

Selling Lead

By: Shri Narayan Industries

Looking for suitable buyers for Aluminium Turnings with 95% purity & 92-93% recovery rate

Posted On: 28.07.2021

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