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Aluminium Plate 5052
  • Aluminium Plate 5052
  • Aluminium Plate 5052

Aluminium Plate 5052

By: Huizhou Qide Metal Material Co.Ltd
Price Available on request
Category Downstream Products
Manufacturer NA ( Trader)
Min Order Quantity 25.00 MT
Delivery Lead Time As per Order
Place of Origin China
Supply Ability Customization on Requirement
Packaging Details Standard Export Packing
Transportation Details Road/Ship



 5052 aluminum plate belongs to Al-Mg alloy, which is widely used, especially the construction industry cannot do without this alloy, and is the most promising alloy. Good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, and moderate strength.

The main alloying element of 5052 aluminum plate is magnesium, which has good formability, corrosion resistance, weldability, and medium strength. , hardware products, electrical-apparatus shells, etc.

5052 aluminium plate performance:

(1) Formability :

  • The alloy has good plasticity in hot state. The forging and die forging temperature is 420~475°C, and the hot deformation with the deformation rate > 80% is carried out in this temperature range.
  • Its cold stamping performance is related to the alloy state. The cold stamping performance of the annealed (O) state is good, followed by the H32 and H34 states, and the H36/H38 state is not good.

(2) Welding performance

  • The alloy has good performance in gas welding, arc welding, resistance welding, spot welding and seam welding, and there is a tendency of crystallization cracks during argon arc welding. The brazing performance is good, but the soft brazing performance is poor.
  • The strength and plasticity of the weld are high, and the strength of the weld reaches 90% to 95% of the strength of the base metal. However, the air tightness of the weld is not high. It is recommended to use 5A03 alloy as the solder, which can improve its air tightness and eliminate the tendency of cracks.

(3) Machinability

  • The machinability of the alloy in the annealed state is not good, but it is improved in the cold work hardened state.

 5052 aluminium plate is the most widely used anti-rust aluminium. This alloy has high strength, especially fatigue resistance: high plasticity and corrosion resistance, cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, and has good plasticity during semi-cold work hardening and cold work hardening. Low plasticity, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, poor machinability, and polishable. Mainly used for low-load parts that require high plasticity and good weldability, and work in liquid or gas media, such as fuel tanks, gasoline or lubricating oil conduits, various liquid containers and other small-load parts made by deep drawing: Wire is used to make rivets.

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